Our Customer Testmonials

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Getting the legal advise at a crucial time from True Blue in house council made me so much confident.Session was really knowledgeable and made me so much aware of my legal rights.
Jocelyn Ghostine
I would recommend your company any day. The staff at True Blue Accident Management Services was well mannered and courteous.
Robert Ishow Customer
All I had to do was to give a phone call to your company and provided some information. Rest these guys took care of everything for me. They organise the Tow truck, replacement car and even delivered and collected at my chosen location.
Sanju Maharjan Customer
Brilliant staff in call centre! They know what they are doing. Thank you for making my experience so pleasant in such an adverse situation
Ivan Zora Customer
A system that is so perfect and well thought. You guys made me feel special. Chose my own delivery day and time. Accident Management Specialist was very knowledgeable and polite. Go the True Blue!
Karen Firth Customer
I am happy to recommend True Blue Accident Management to anyone. I feel so proud to introduce something that many of my friends do not even know about. Never knew that such a service would have existed.
Nelly Bablanian Customer
What an amazing service! I do not know how would have managed without your service.
Olympia Petropoulous Customer
True Blue Accident Management experience is above the bar of excellence. I received an almost brand new car.
Aaron William Mcquillian
It is such an easy process just provided certain information and drove away in a flash car. I had your car for nearly 1 month and I will miss it.
Jagoda Popska Customer
5 Star experience with True Blue Accident Management. I have already started telling all my friends and family about your fantastic service that you are providing. I cannot thank you enough.
Armen Nalbandian Customer
You took all my worries away and I could carry on my usual routine as if nothing have happened. Thank you True Blue for making it so nice and easy.
Janait Moshi Customer
I could not even imagine how I had managed without your services and support at such a crucial time. Having a car is a condition of my employment!
Lilyan K Petros Customer
Your company was so helpful especially delivered the car out of office hours. Thanks!
Yu Mi Mun Customer.
True Blue Accident Management solved my biggest worry by giving me a replacement vehicle. I use car to pick up and drop off my kids to school and other activities. Your staff members were so friendly and accommodating. Very Polite Thank you!
Rafida Hermiz Customer
I am so happy that I downloaded your My Car Essentials app it was so helpful as I would not have known what to do after the accident. Staff at True Blue Accident Management guided me through the process step by step. Fantastic service.
Kate Sophorn Yen
The car delivered was clean and fresh, nearly new car. Thank you so much for a wonderful service.
Rosie Jools Alexis Martin
I experienced a positive attitude by all your staff members from the moment I got in touch with your contact centre to the time of delivery of Courtesy car, your service was unmatched. Initially I was a bit worried as I was a bit sceptical but the staff at True Blue took time to explain all queries and took all my worries away. I could not even imagine such a service could even exist.
Souzan Hanna Customer
True Blue offers a service, which is boundless, humble and stress-free. The emails that I received were full of all the necessary information. True as its name.
Anandan Murugesan Customer
Cleanest Hire Car we have ever come across. My kids loved your car. Will definitely use your services again.
Gilbert Ghostine Customer