‘AT FAULT’ True Blue Accident Management

‘At Fault’ True Blue Accident Management

Unlike our competitor, True Blue Accident Management Services promises to look after all our customers even if the accident was their fault. This means having an accident means ringing the True blue any day and any time. We will guide you and guard you through out the process. We know every True Blue Aussie pays their insurance policy premium year after year but when it comes to Insurance Companies or any other Accident Replacement vehicle company they will only help you when they have their motives attached to it. But once they know they cannot earn money from you or they have no legal obligation to help you, they will abandon you in the middle of the road. With True Blue that will never be the case, All Australians are welcomed here like you are welcomed at your own home.

  1. If you need any any immediate ambulance or police assistance dial 000 straight away before calling us. Before calling us please make sure every one involved in the accident is all right and does not need any immediate medical attention.
  2. Try and call us on 1300 85 95 54 immediately after the accident
    Provide us with all the information related to the accident especially the third party details such as the third party registration of their vehicle, the make and model of their vehicle, the insurance company and policy number. Also your details or any witnesses involved.
  3. Do not admit the liability before consulting us!!!
    Sometimes even if you think that the accident was caused due to your own negligence it may not be the case. We recommend that you do not admit the liability before consulting us. There are quite a lot of factors involved in determining the Fault element in an accident such as speed, traffic signs, road rules, reckless driving by the other party. Sometimes the other party may not be even registered and does not carries CTP Insurance or may not hold a valid license. Asking our expert advise doesn’t cost a thing. We may be able to save you thousands of dollars.
  4. Speak to our Accident Management Specialists
    Supported by the information you will provide us our Specialists can figure out who is to bear the liability of the accident. Evidence play a major role, sometime taking photos of the incident could help a lot. In some situations we may need to conduct some enquiries to refine the incident. Our specialist are swift sometime this only take only a few minutes.
  5. 24/7 Tow Trucks
    If your vehicle is not roadworthy we can help organised the tow truck straight away and have the vehicle safely towed away to our recommended repairer. You can then rest and be assured that your vehicle is in safe hands.
    After talking to us if we all come to a conclusion that the accident was due to your negligence we can still help!
  6. Use only recommended repairers
    Using our recommended repairer ensures your repairs are completed with original genuine parts and paint. Our recommended repairers offer lifetime paint guarantee. We have build up a strong relationship with our repairers and can speak to them on your behalf if needed. When you are renting a car from us we also ask our recommended repairers to priorities your work so that we can keep your rental costs to the minimum.
  7. Rental Vehicle while your car is getting repaired?
    We have all sorts of specials to cater the demand of our True Blue Aussies. Visit www.truebluecarrental.com.au and find out amazing value for money deals.
  8. Once Your vehicle is assessed
    Once your vehicle is assessed and you have decided on when you would like the repairs on your vehicle to begin. Our delivery experts will then get in touch with you to organised the delivery venue and time with you for the rental vehicle. We can deliver to your home, work or the smash repairer.
  9. Supervision on your repairs
    Our experts follow up on the repairs on your vehicle regularly. We will keep you posted on the developments regularly.
  10. Collection of your vehicle
    On completion of repairs on your vehicle, we will get in touch to arrange a time for you to collect your vehicle and collect ours back.
  11. Our amazing service does not just stop here we can also help in providing you with True Blue Bargain Hunting offers across the market. Let us point you in the right direction
    • With finding a Car dealer in case you are thinking of buying a new or old car. Do you want us to send you the comparative quotes for same or different cars? How hectic is it to roam from dealer to dealer to just get the quotes. Stop bothering we can do all the research for you and recommend the right option for you.
    • We can also help you in getting the quotes on your New Car lease and suggest you a few options. There are so many leasing companies out there. You might not know what you are missing on without help.
    • We can also help you in finding the True Blue Service center or mechanic for your car.
    • Are you not happy the way you have been treated by your insurance company? Don’t worry we know how all the insurance companies in general are. We will help you in finding a True Blue Insurance company who will look after your interests, treat you nicely and reward you handsomely. There are some really nice insurance companies out there looking forward to hear from you.


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