Accident Management

Insurance Companies are in breach of Insurance Act 1973

1. Insurance Recommended Smash Repairers

2. Independent Smash Repairers

(a) To protect the interests of policyholders and prospective policyholders under insurance policies (issued by general insurers and Lloyd's underwriters) in ways that are consistent with the continued development of a viable, competitive and innovative insurance industry; and How is it in the best interest of a policy holder to get his car repaired which has a damage worth $17500 and has a budget of only $5600 in repair costs. How do insurance company justifies

(b) To promote financial system stability in Australia.When a repairer is paid only $5600 for a massive amount of work how is it going to bring financial stability to the economy. On the other hands due to the greed of the insurance companies to save their money and betraying their customers these insurance companies through pressure or strongly worded scripts lure the uninformed customers to the preferred shops.

3. Choice of a Repairer Scam

  • Do you know insurance companies send all the repair work to their recommended shops where they have arranged a pre-agreed low budget structures. These Repair Shops look flash from outside but the quality of work is appalling. The budget is so low that sometimes it is even not enough to buy parts. These poor repairers have no choice but to save money they have to use refurbished or second hand parts. The workload at these shops is so severe that repair work is not very well taken care of. There is a high volume of rectification work, which adds on to the chaos. Many customers complain and end of taking the car to our recommended repairers. To know more about each insurance company’s budget call us and we can give your indicative individual budgets.
  • These repairers are normally misrepresented by the insurance companies by saying the word’s like we do not guarantee the works commenced in these shops. They may say repair shop had a previous complaint submitted.Well to make you aware these are those True Blue Aussies who stand against the devious insurance companies and refuse to finish the job without genuine parts and proper labor involvement. Insurance Act 1973- Section 2A clearly explain the main objective of the Insurance Act
  • Some insurance companies have added a new policy feature to the Insurance policy i.e to have a choice of the independent repairer incurs a annual added costs. Most customers are unaware as the choice of repairer is either deliberately hidden or is so ambiguously worded for a layman to understand. Next time when you are out there looking for a insurance policy make sure you choose a insurance company which offers you a choice of a your own repairer.
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